With over 20 years of experience in the advertising business
we provide the right level of quality for our clients..at reasonable prices. 

We check to see if any of your suppliers offer Co-op advertising for credit 
towards advertising. If creative advertising design, billboards, signs, literature, etc.,
is what you or your company needs..look no further!

RetailAdDesign div. of CrossPoint Production will get it done.
Creative Advertising Design and Production of Advertisements of: 
- Newspaper Ads - Magazine Ads 
- Billboards - Signs (Indoor & Outdoor) 
Ideas that work
  • - Graphic Design - Newspaper Ads - BillboardsMagazine Ads - Movie Theater Screen Ads
  • - Signs (Indoor & Outdoor) - Literature - Websites - Promotional Products - Media Planning
  • - Media Buying - Media Negotiation - CO-OP Advertising
Contact us at: 
RetailAdDesign div. Crosspoint Production - Milford, CT 06460  -  (203)400-4422
retailaddesign@mac.com - www.retailaddesign.com
H O M E A D V E R T I S E M E N T SR E S T A U R A N T   A D SA U T O  D E A L E R  A D SB I L L B O A R D SP R O D U C T SL O G O S / W E B S I T E S

H O M E A D V E R T I S E M E N T SR E S T A U R A N T   A D SA U T O  D E A L E R  A D SB I L L B O A R D SP R O D U C T SL O G O S / W E B S I T E S

Creative Advertising - Graphic Design - Marketing - Retailaddesign
Affordable Creative Advertising Design and Placement
Keeping Your Business in Mind 
Ideas that work
RetailAdDesign div. Crosspoint Production - Milford, CT 06460  -  (203)400-4422 - retailaddesign@mac.com - www.retailaddesign.com
We create a variety of images

Place them where needed

Helping you get your message across
Clients we have worked with:
- Pepe's Apizza - Mr. Kold Kuts - Jeffrey's Restaurant - Reggiano's Ristorante 
- Park City Ford - Curtiss Ryan Honda - SAAB of Westport - Greenwich Cadillac 
- Jeep 17 - Rehabilitation Associates - Bargas Construction - AudioDesign 
- Whitney Farms Golf Course - Bernard's Restaurant
- Altel Sound - Hocon Gas - Tarantino Landscaping - The Stone Barn
 - Henry C. Reid Jewelers - Kingsbury Homes


- Marisa's Ristorante - Bernard's Restaurante - BMW of Bridgeport - 
- SIlver Star Motors - Turnpike Construction and Development
- Connecticut Capital - Crescent Village - Aitoro's Appliance & TV 
- POP'S Restaurant - India Raj - Clean Air Consultants 
- Metric Bar & Grill - Marren Brothers Landscaping - Blaine Adams Salon 
- Woodmont Farmers Market at Treat Farm - Environment Design Corp.