RetailAdDesign takes special care to understand the unique needs of our clients. 
We try to make sure that your firm gets your info to both current and existing clients. 
We can come up with creative ad designs and marketing plans that will exceed your expectations.

We are committed to your success..If you need creative advertising design, production and media placement 
at a reasonable price..we're here to help; while giving you the personal service that you will expect.

We have been located in Milford since 2000,
previously known as Crosspoint Production. Our rates are competitive.

We Design, Produce and Place: Advertising in Newspapers & Magazines
Direct Mail - Literature - Billboards - Signs - Posters - Business Cards - etc.

​We work with: Auto Dealers - Restaurants - Service Firms,  
Construction Companies & Developers, Golf - Tennis & Exercise facilities - Law offices - Etc.

RetailAdDesign makes it simple for clients to do business with us.
​We always try to get your point across. Sometimes specials. Sometimes just letting the public know who you are.
We work with your materials, take photos, contact co-op at your vendors, etc.
Billboards..Design, Production & Placement
RetailAdDesign designs billboards, produces them and finds the best place to put them. 
We work with both the billboard company and the co-op dept. that are available.
Our goal is to get the right boards in the right place at the right price.
Point of Sale Items - Indoor & Outdoor Signs - Business Cards - Websites - Direct Mail - Literature
Clients we have worked with
  • Pepes Pizzeria Napoletana
  • Whitney Farms Golf Course
  • Reggianos Ristorante
  • Cafe Tavolini
  • All-American Appliance
  • Connecticut Capital
  • The Stone Barn
  • Silver Star Motors
  • Turnpike Properties
  • Blaine Adams Salon
  • CityLine Florist
  • Data-Tel
  • Rehabilitation Associates
  • SAAB of Westport
  • Kingsbury Homes
  • BMW of Bridgeport
  • Park City Ford
  • India Raj
  • Wings
  • Mr. Kold Kuts
  • Woodmont Farmers Market
  • Crescent Village
  • Cadillac-Saab of Greenwich
  • Aitoro's Appliance & TV
  • Metric Bar & Grill
  • Clean Air Consultants
  • Marisa's Ristorante
  • The Pantry & Many More
To Contact Us: Call: (203)400-4422  -  EMail Us: retailaddesign@mac.com
Clients we have worked with
Here's what to do:  
1) Contact us 
2) We will stop by, meet you and take a look at your business 
3) We will ask you a few questions about what your goals are
4) Go back to our studio and make a few samples 
5) Either stop back or Email you the samples 
6) Contact the media (Newspaper, magazine, or printer we use) and negotiate prices for you
7) Provide a proposal to you with our prices

We would be glad to make a sample of what we could provide for your business.

Contact us: Telephone: (203)400-4422     Email us: retailaddesign@mac.com
Advertising in:
- Newpapers & Magazines
- Direct Mail
- Literature
- Billboards
- Signs
- Posters
- Business Cards
- POS Materials